Butt Implants

Butt Implants: Cost, Procedures, Recovery & Risks

This article discusses the cosmetic surgical procedure for butt implants. Buttock implants have a primary goal: to improve the shape and volume of the buttocks. Depending on the patient’s needs, there are a few different approaches to achieving this goal. Read on to find out more if you are considering butt implants.

History Of Butt Implants

Due to their popularity amongst celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, butt implants are on the rise.

Among the most popular surgeries related to the buttocks are buttocks lifts, implants, augmentations, and fat grafts.

These procedures have become increasingly popular in recent years. An estimate from a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons finds that buttock augmentation surgery increased 252 percent between 2000 and 2015.

A butt implant is an artificial device placed in the buttocks to give volume to the buttocks.

Round, taut buttocks have become a sought-after shape. You are a good candidate for a butt implant if you have excess skin in this area due to weight loss or aging.

Plastic surgeons recommend a buttock augmentation based on factors such as the size and shape of your buttocks, how much fat you used to have, alternative procedures, your activity level, desired results, and skin quality, including elasticity.

Butt implants and other buttock enhancements are best suited for people whose weight is stable and who do not have much excess skin.

Exercise and weight loss can help tighten muscles and change the appearance of these areas, but butt implants are a quick way to achieve more shapely results.

People are looking for butt implants for many reasons. Some people believe their buttocks are smaller than their frame, look flatter or more square, have a saggy butt, want a better fit for their clothes, and boost their self-esteem.

Most people will have pain after a butt implant. You may be able to control pain by taking over-the-counter painkillers.

Your doctor can give you a prescription to help you manage your pain. Some surgeries may require surgical drains that must be emptied several times daily.

Procedures For Butt Implants

There are two types of procedures: fat grafting and butt implants. Buttock fat grafting is the most popular cosmetic surgery for buttocks.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is done with a filler called Sculptra that is injected into the soft tissue of the buttocks.

This method is combined with silicone implants to achieve the most natural appearance. It is often performed in the doctor’s office during downtime.

During the procedure, your surgeon sucks an area of your body to extract fat from the abdomen, flanks, and thighs and injects it into the buttocks to add volume.

The material is added in small amounts at each injection, weekly or monthly, and your body uses it to form extra collagen and increase the volume of the area.

It can take a few sessions to achieve a significant difference, and multiple injections can be expensive.

The Hydrogel Buttocks Procedure

You may have heard that hydrogel buttocks shots are a cheap augmentation method. They provide temporary results and do not require traditional surgery.

However, there has been some discussion about silicone injections, which are used in place of butt implants and are not recommended.

Hydrogel injections, unlike silicone injections, do not involve surgery, and silicone injections do not alter the shape of your buttocks. In fact, silicone injections into the buttocks can be dangerous.

What Kind Of Material Is Used For Butt Implants?

Silicone is the material used for butt implants. The procedure is combined with fat transplantation to achieve maximum results.

After the injection, a solid silicone implant is inserted into the buttocks through an incision in the buttock cheek.

Normally it takes about four weeks to recover from a buttock operation. This is because the injection and grafting are not the same.

Liposuction For Butt Implants

In addition to fat grafting and implants, liposuction can also be used as a buttock operation.

Lipo-injection removes excess fat from certain buttocks areas to achieve maximum contour. Silicone implants have proven to be safe and effective for buttock enlargement.

The implantation is preferable for people with little to no fat, as they do not have to inject as much as a Brazilian buttock lift.

How Much Are Butt Implants?

According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a butt implant is $5000-$6000.

This is only a part of the total price, as it does not include anesthesia, operating theatres, and other related costs.

Surgeons’ fees for buttock augmentations are based on their experience, the type of procedure used, and the geographical location of the practice.

The costs of buttock augmentation also include surgeon fees, hospital and surgical expenses, anesthesia fees, prescription drugs, post-surgery clothing, special pillows needed for recovery, and medical tests.

Consult your plastic surgery practice to determine your final fee. Most health insurance policies don’t cover buttock augmentation because of complications, but many plastic surgeons offer financing plans for patients, so be sure to check.

Butt Implant procedure

Butt Implant Risks

Your plastic surgeon and his staff will explain the risks of the operation in detail. You will also be asked to sign a consent form to ensure that you understand the procedure you are undergoing and the risks and potential complications.

You must decide whether the benefits of achieving your goals, the risks, and the possible complications of buttock enhancement and butt surgery are acceptable. It is important that you discuss all your questions with your plastic surgeon.

Risks of buttock augmentation include:

  • anesthesia reactions
  • asymmetry, bleeding
  • hematoma
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • heart or lung complications
  • fatty tissue dying on the skin
  • adipose necrosis
  • fluid retention
  • seroma
  • infections
  • numbness or other changes in skin sensation
  • persistent pain
  • poor wound healing
  • possible need for revision surgery
  • recurrent looseness of skin
  • skin discoloration
  • persistent swelling

Aftercare Of Butt Implant Surgery

Avoid sitting or lying on your back for 2 weeks after butt implant surgery. Wait 48 hours before taking a shower. Do not engage in heavy activity for 4 weeks. The full results of the butt implant will be visible for 3 months.

You may also need to wear a compression bandage after butt implant surgery. Your doctor will give you thorough instructions on aftercare, which you should follow.

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